About Us


Kenyatta University Funeral Home was started in the year 2008 under the Directorate and Enterprise Development Revenue generation IGA of KU as a Funeral home and it can accommodate 100 bodies at a time.


The mission of Kenyatta University Funeral home is to provide comprehensive, affordable and value added funeral services, guidance, counseling and support to the bereaved, consultancy and training services in medico-legal and forensic pathology. These will be offered in a serene and comforting environment by dedicate, trained and qualified personnel; with ethical observation and respect of religious, cultural, family and individual beliefs, norms and practices.


To be the preferred provider of holistic funeral services and comfort to the bereaved. Our responsive legacy will be shaped by community needs for efficient, all-inclusive and value added service. We envisage being the focal point for repatriation of human remains within Kenya, The Great Lakes Region and the rest of the world.

The funeral home’s motto is Last Respect with Dignity.