muita gicheru

Position: Associate Proffesor
Department: Zoological Sciences
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
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Referred journals

Thesis Publications

  1. Gicheru, M.M. (1990) A partial comparative study of physical characteristics of thermostable antigens of hydatid cyst fluid (intermediate stage of of echinococcus granulosus ) and fluid from cyst of Taenia hydatigena (cysticercus tenuicollis). Msc Thesis; University of Nairobi. 
  2. Gicheru, M. M. Vervet monkey model for Leishmaniasis: Characterization, protective immunity and Vaccination against Leishmania major infection. Ph.D. Thesis Kenyatta University, April, 2002.

Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Gicheru, M.M. and Olobo, J.O. (1994). Evaluation of recombinant GP63 , the major Leishmania surface glycoprotein, as a diagnostic molecule for Leishmaniasis in vervet monkeys. Acta Tropica 58: 345-8.
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Book Chapter

  • Animal Models for Tropical Parasitic Diseases ( 2004) Chapter 9 Idle O Farah, Maina Ngotho, Thomas Kariuki, Maamun Jeneby, Lawrence Irura, Naomi Maina, John Kagira, Michael Gicheru, and Jann Hau( Book Chapter)
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Networking and collaborations with external organization’s

  • Prof. Jan Lagerlof, Dept of Ecology Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,  SLU-Joint post graduate field courses between SLU and KU, 2013 Ongoing
  • Dr. Cristopher Anjili, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya, Role of Reservoir hosts, vectors and Epidemiology of Leishmaniasis. 2012 ongoing
  • Dr Hastings Ozwara Institute of Primate Research, Immunopathogenesis of malaria parasites species in animal models- Training of post graduate students, 2009 ongoing
  • Kenya marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KEMFRI),Attachment and research opportunities, Coastal and marine resource management students, KEMFRI Scientist participating in teaching our student. 2012 to present
  • Prof. Joseph Olobo, Microbiology Department, Makerere University, Uganda, Non human primate model for Leishmaniasis, Thesis examination, External examination , 2011 to prsent
  • Prof. Paul Ndegwa,  School of Biological sciences, University of Nairobi,Area of Entomology , Thesis examination and External examination, 2010 to present.
  • Dr. Annika Nordin,  Department of Energy and Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Research and joint  of Johson Nduhiu Gitahi,- a PhD student in KU, 2014 .


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