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Fees Structure

Fees Structure for Undergraduate, Diploma & Certificate Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

Tuition Fees range depending on the programme

Statutory Fees

Art  Based

East Africans             Kshs. 100,000/=  To 120,000/=

Non-East Africans     Kshs. 140,000/=  To  175,000/=

Kshs. 26,000/=

Science  Based

East Africans             Kshs. 110,000/=  To  210,000/=

Non-East Africans     Kshs. 150,000/=  To  257,500/=

Kshs. 26,000/=


East Africans             Kshs. 133,285/=  To 235,125/=

Non-East Africans      Kshs. 166,606/=  To 293,306/=

Kshs. 26,000/=


East Africans             Kshs. 150,000/=

Non-East Africans      Kshs. 187,500/=

Kshs. 26,000/=

Creative Arts, Film and Media Studies

East Africans:

Degrees:  Kshs. 124,000/=   

Diploma:  Kshs.  82,000/= 

Certificate: Kshs. 65,325/=

Non East Africans      Kshs.    155,000/=   

Kshs. 26,000/=


Kshs. 21,300/=


East Africans              Kshs.    400,000/=

Non-East Africans      Kshs.     515,000/=

Kshs. 55,200/=

Medicine & Surgery

East Africans              Kshs.    450,400/=

Non-East Africans      Kshs.    712,220/=

Kshs. 55,200/=

Nursing and public health

East Africans              Kshs.    240,000/=

Non-East Africans      Kshs.    295,000/=

Kshs. 55,200/=



East Africans              Kshs.     72,000/=

Non-East Africans      Kshs.    125,000/=

Kshs. 26,000/=


Kshs. 40,000/=

Kshs. 21,300/=

Fees Structure for Postgraduate Programmes



Application for admission into the programme can be done online by a simple click

All you need is the following:

  • Ensure you have met the eligibility criteria for the selected program.
  • Ensure you have scanned Academic Transcripts, Certificates and Passport photo.
  • Ensure you have scanned identification documents, either an Identification Card or Passport.
  • Ensure you have the required application fee of  2,000/= for East Africans on your MPESA line for completing the application process.

Payment for online application is only by MPESA through details provided on the application portal only.

  • Application forms can be obtained from Kenyatta University, Admissions Block, Office No. 12 or at the Regional Centers based in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kitui, Mombasa, Kisumu and Garissa or be downloaded from our website 

East African applicants shall pay non-refundable processing fee of Kshs. 2,000/= for through Bank deposit only into any of the following bank accounts:

Co-operative Bank of Kenya -           Account No. 01129062461400

National Bank of Kenya       -           Account No. 01003059500801

Equity Bank Limited                        -           Account No. 0180290518859

Family Bank                          -           Account No. 045000023316

Non-East Africans shall pay non-refundable application processing fee of USD. 50/= through Bank deposit only into the following bank account.

Bank Name

Account Name


Ac. No.

Swift Code

National Bank of Kenya

Kenyatta University Tuition Account

Kenyatta University




Payment for application forms is only through the bank account details provided above only.

Duly completed forms should be returned to the Registrar (Academic), Kenyatta University P.O. Box 43844 – 00100, NAIROBI, Kenya on or before 31st August, 2023. Copies of relevant professional and academic certificates and transcripts, Two (2) I’x1’ passport size photos and original application fee receipt, MUST be attached to the application form.

  • Diploma holders from recognized institutions may apply for Credit Waiver in consultation with their respective schools upon admission. Credit waiver application forms are obtainable on request when collecting application form or can be downloaded from Kenyatta University website at 
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