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University Senate

 There shall be a Senate of the University which shall consist of:

  • The Vice-Chancellor, who shall be the Chairman;
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor;
  • The principal of each constituent college;
  • The Deans of the faculties, institutes and schools;
  • The Chairman of the teaching departments of the University;
  • The Deans of the Faculties of each constituent college;
  • The Librarian;
  • One representative of each of the faculty boards appointed by that board from among its members;
  • The professors of the University;
  • Two members elected by the students’ organization; except that the members of the students’
  • Organization shall not be entitled to attend deliberations of the Senate on matters which are considered by the Chairman of Senate to be confidential and which relate to the general discipline of students, examination results, the academic performance of students and related matters;
  • Any other members as may be provided for in the statutes.

The Senate shall have the following powers:-

  • To satisfy itself regarding the content and academic standard of any course of study in respect of any degree, diploma, certificate or other award of the University and to report its findings there on to the Council;
  • Subject to the Universities Act, to propose regulations to be made by the Council regarding the eligibility of persons for admission to a course of study;
  • To propose regulations to be made by the Council regarding the standard of proficiency to be gained in each examination for a degree, diploma, certificate or other award of the University;
  • To decide which persons have attained the prescribed standard of proficiency and are otherwise fit to be granted a degree, diploma, certificate or other award of the University;
  • To initiate proposals relating to the conduct of the University generally, and to discuss any matter relating to the University and to make representations thereon to the Council;
  • To make regulations governing such other matters as are within its powers in accordance with this Act or the statutes.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Act, the Council shall not initiate any action in respect of the matters mentioned in paragraphs (a), (b) or (c) of sub-section (2) except upon receipt of a report or proposal thereunder and the Council shall not reject any such report or reject or amend any regulations as proposed without further reference to the Senate.


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